Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Magic Blue Pills

Generic viagra this name is not new to you. As you have already heard about this name and it's magic which not only solved the erectile dysfunction issue but also build confidence in men. Erectile dysfunction is the situation when one is unable get penile erection. Due to this most of the couple are living unsatisfactory life.This ED issue is not only phisically realted but it is also mentaly realated. This has turned many peoples life. Generic viagra has given hope to all this people, By consuming Vigra pills then have seen the effect. Generic viagra the magical blue pills has the power and that the reason it got more famuse compare to branded viagra

Generic Viagra is an international pill. It is used by impotent men worldwide. But one must be aware about its precautions. Even efficient medicine can cause side effects if taken without cares. The most standard caution is generic Viagra should not be studied without aesculapian reference. Doctor counsels men on different things. They prescribe the right dosage; tell about side effects and their bar, cautions to be studied, and about many more things. Hence, a talk to a physician is necessary to before start out using up the pill. Men should also cite their integral aesculapian setting with their health care supplier.

So, if you are an impotent individual, and unable to trace the real reason behind such an occurrence, then you may be suffering from either heart problem, diabetes, high blood pressure, certain kidney or liver problem and many others can easily cause impotence in today’s men. Another set of causes of impotence in men is unhealthy living that involves unhealthy eating habit, lack of exercise and above all eating fried, oily food stuff and even junk food. It is necessary to have the medication be taken only by impotent men. Generic Viagra pill is not meant for women or children. Available in dosages 25mg, 50mg and 100mg the initial dosage of this pill is 25mg which can be advanced to 50mg and 100mg depending on the need.

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