Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Give up smoking use stop smoking pills

Why to give up smoking?
Addiction is more difficult to get rid of. It could be anything like addiction to chocolate, alcohol but smoking is the more dangerous and millions are affected by it. Smoking is a silent killer as it brings your death near to you slowly and you cannot do anything as you are addicted to cigarettes. It is very much difficult to give up smoking but those who have succeeded in doing so have won the battle. There are several options available in the market which you can use but stop smoking pills is the best way to give up smoking. Smoking is harmful to your health but when you try to give up, you face difficulties too. In this scenario stop smoking pills such as Generic Zyban is effective. Smoking begins mostly in the teenage and it becomes an inseparable part till your adulthood. When you give up smoking for good it shows better effects on your health and on overall personality thus it becomes very essential to get to know about the ill effects of smoking.
Withdrawal symptoms when you give up smoking
Give up smoking is not so easy because smoking withdrawal symptoms are the most annoying one. Because of these symptoms many give up trying to stop smoking. But if you truly want to give up smoking than you need to try your best. Following are some withdrawal symptoms

Anxiety and irritability – You become irritate because you are not giving your body which it wants badly and that is cigarette. This creates lot of disturbance and often the smoker has urge to smoke when he tried to give up smoking. But having your loved ones around you makes it easy to overcome these symptoms. In such cases of anxiety and irritability, stop smoking pills such as Generic Zyban offers great help.
Increase in appetite and weight – This is one of the withdrawal symptom as many smokers crave for food when they give up smoking. This results in weight gain and also in fluid retention.
Acid reflux and gas – These are the temporary symptoms that will go away with the use of over the counter medications.
Sinus congestion and coughing – These are the most common symptoms when one is trying to give up smoking. This happens because the body gets rid of all the tar that has been deposited.
Insomnia and weird dreams – Generally smokers does not get enough good sleep. When you give up smoking, you actually start to get good sleep but as you are not used to it, it seems like you are not sleeping at all and it results in insomnia. This also causes weird dreams.

Give up smoking with the help of Generic Zyban
Give up smoking as it is not good for your health, you may have heard this all the time. But when you truly try to stop smoking, due to its withdrawal symptoms it seems like a difficult task to do. But there are several options to get rid of this harmful habit. Generic Zyban is the best way to give up smoking and it is one of the popular stop smoking pills used widely by millions. Basically Generic Zyban is an anti depressant medication which is used for treating depression and anxiety disorder. It is believed that these stop smoking pills works on certain chemicals in the brain that give rise to urge to smoke. Thus using Generic Zyban is the best way to give up smoking. The active chemical constituent bupropion sr is important in quitting smoking. These stop smoking pills should be taken under medical supervision to avoid any unwanted adverse effects. Bupropion sr 150 mg is the starting dose of the therapy.

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