Monday, November 29, 2010


The male reproductive system is made up of number of organs. These include penis, testes, prostate gland, semeniferous tubules, epididymis, scrotum sacs, sertoli cells etc. Amongst these organs, penis is most important as it serves as copulatory organ. The act of love making gives pleasure to both the partners and also helps to produce new offspring. But sometimes a couple can experience if the men is suffering from a very common condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED).

When men get sexually aroused, the smooth muscles get filled with blood and it attains erection. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder where a man is able to get a penile erection when sexually aroused. Some men get the erection but fail to maintain it for a longer time and leads to disappointment. There are several factors which caused erectile dysfunction in young men. These involves heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and to some extent metabolic syndrome too. Along with this there are some factors like use of certain medicines, tobacco, alcohol or drugs. In old men the causes are diseases, age, side effects of drugs, injury etc.

The most important symptom of erectile dysfunction is the inability of getting an erection while sexually excited. Erectile dysfunction may occur suddenly or slowly. A man can experience ED frequently or rarely. Sometimes a man can maintain the erection but does not control ejaculation. The main symptoms also include reduced sexual desire and inability to maintain the erection. Apart from these symptoms there is a partial erection which is not rigid enough to perform sexual intercourse or the rigidity gone before penetration.

Nowdays there are treatments available for ED. The treatment options include external vacuum devices, oral and topical medications, hormonal therapy and intraurethral pellet therapy. These treatments does not cure ED but surely does not let it become the barrier between your love life. The oral medications involve drugs which are PDE 5 inhibitors like sildenafil citrate, vardenafil and tadalafil which works wonder for ED. There is a surgical method available which is known as penile prosthesis. Apart from medications there are other options like sex counseling which helps you to get the mental strength to deal with ED and living with it.
Erectile dysfunction surely take out the pleasure of love making and makes it a thing which many couples wants to avoid. Because of this many of the relationship goes through a bad phase of breaking up too

Friday, November 26, 2010

Bronchitis Causes-Symptoms-Treatment

The human respiratory system consists of the lungs, airways, diaphragm, windpipe, throat, mouth and nasal passages. Respiratory system is one of the important organ system as it helps us to breath in oxygen which is essential for the energy production. The lungs are made up of lobes. The right lung has three lobes and the left lung has two lobes. The left lung is smaller than the right lung to make space for the heart.

The air taken inside by the nasal passages enters into the lungs by smaller branches of the windpipe which are called as airways. This air is then carried into the “alveolar sacs” which contains thin walled air pouches known as “alveoli” which are the tiny units of lung tissues. Our lung does a very important job of breathing almost for 23000 times and it takes almost 10000 quarts of air inside. The oxygen we take inside gets mixed up into the blood stream and carried to the various tissues where it is used for energy production. The carbon dioxide gas is expelled out by lungs.

Though sometimes this process may get disturbed by the inflammation of the airways which is caused by the bacterial or viral infection or may be by smoking or breathing in a certain chemical filled environment. On the inner lining of the airways, tiny hairs (cilia) are present which trap and remove foreign particles stop working. Currently there is no treatment which can cure chronic bronchitis.

The symptoms of bronchitis are wheezing, coughing and difficulty breathing. The cough may contain sputum because of the secretion of the bronchial cells and may be in yellow or green color and sometimes it contains blood too depends on the severity of the chronic bronchitis. Some antibiotics are helpful to get relief from the inflammation. These include Ampicillin, Azithromycin, and Amoxicillin which works wonder to treat contagious chronic bronchitis and helps to get comfort from it.