Infertility in women ovulation problem could be a possible cause

Infertility can be defined as the inability to conceive within a year, after trying every possible way to get pregnant. We cannot predict any one major cause for this issue as it could be because of several issues that are related to each other. After repeated attempts scientists have come up with the cause. Infertility can cause due to various factors and one of the major factors is the lifestyle. It is related to our eating habits means our diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs and genetic cause. Though infertility is the inability to give birth to a child but in some cases, a woman is able to conceive but cannot carry the child up to nine months before delivery. Apart from the health disorder and lifestyle issues, few other causes are fallopian tube blockage problem, endometriosis and the most common is ovulation problems. In this article, we will know about ovulation problem and also evaluate the other causes too.

Ovulation plays an important role in conceiving because it is the primary step which indicates a maturity of the ovum and facilitates fertilization. Ovulation is the release of mature ovum or egg from ovaries. It is then transported to fallopian tubes where it meets the sperm and fertilization occurs. This is a natural process that occurs every month and if fertilization does not occur than the ovum and the inner lining of the uterus shed away as menstrual bleeding. Thus ovulation and pregnancy goes hand in hand. Every couple get only one chance to conceive as only one ovulation takes place per month and only twelve per year. Ovulation problem occurs when this natural process gets altered. There many causes behind ovulation problems. Environment during ovulation, hormonal changes may lead to this problem making difficult to conceive. If this primary step gets disturbed, the monthly cycle becomes irregular resulting in difficulty to get pregnant. This can be treated with the help of fertility drugs. Another disorder is the PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome which develops due to hormonal imbalance and is characterized by irregularity in menstrual cycle especially ovulation.

Ovulation is the internal body process that makes it difficult to have a baby. But there are certain factors which contribute in the infertility in women and can be prevented. Following are some common causes other than ovulation problems.

1) Weight problem – Being overweight could be a reason behind infertility in women. Obesity disturbs your monthly cycle and makes it difficult to conceive. If you are underweight that means if your weight is less than necessary than also it may lead to menstrual cycle problems.
2) Smoking – It reduces the fertility rate by 50 percent.
3) Stress – it is the major culprit that creates problems in regular ovulation and makes conception impossible.
4) Alcohol – it is very dangerous and affects conceiving ability of women. It creates irregularity in periods and hence reduces chances of pregnancy.
5) Malnutrition – Due to improper diet which lack of nutrition like essential vitamins and minerals also lead to problems in getting pregnant.

The above discussed issues which creates problem in getting pregnant can be control and one can get pregnant by making healthy changes in diet and lifestyle. But one should know that these changes should be made along with proper medications also known a fertility drugs. Amongst these drugs, Generic Clomid is use to treat infertile women. This fertility drug is chemically made up of Clomiphene. It belongs to a class of drug known as selective estrogen receptor modulator. Generic Clomid is use to treat ovulation problem to overcome infertility. Medicines and side effects are two sides of the same coin. It is widely use to treat infertile women but it also comes up with side effects. The side effects of Generic Clomid include stomach pain, nausea, headache, breast tenderness and enlargement of breasts. It may also show rare side effects like increase risk of ovarian cancer or enlargement of ovary. Your doctor put you on Clomid because he or she thinks that benefits are worth than side effects.