Cause Asthama, available treatments like generic prelone

The human respiratory system plays vital role in providing oxygen to the heart which in turn supply to every cell of the body by blood. Oxygen is very important as it helps to burn the food and releases energy which we use to perform our daily routine work, both at cellular and physical level. This work of providing oxygen gets interrupted when we catch diseases of respiratory system like asthma. It is an inflammatory disorder of the airways of the lungs showing asthma symptoms like shortness of breath. During an asthma attack, the muscles that surround the airways become tight. The inner lining of the airways swells because of which the amount of air that pass through it decreases. It is a chronic disorder which can be fatal if left untreated or ignored. This article will cover causes and triggers, symptoms and treatment for asthma. This information will help you to know asthma better and its treatment.

Triggers of Asthma

Many of us often get confuse about the causes and triggers of asthma. These both factors are different. Triggers are those factors whose mere presence may lead to asthma attack. These triggers could be cold air, virus, exercise, tobacco smoke, laughter or allergy to dust may lead to asthma attack. These can cause asthma attack to occur but not a root cause of asthma. These will not create any breathing difficulties in the absence of the root cause. One may suffer from asthma attack in the absence of any trigger which is mentioned above. It is not necessary that you should get an asthma attack when expose to cold air or tobacco smoke. Than what could be the causes behind this chronic inflammatory disorder known as asthma.


The causes of asthma are still not fully discovered. It is believed that number of factors causes asthma and they may vary from person to person. The most common and globally accepted cause is genetic transformation. There are families where asthma runs across the generations. But it would be wrong to say that if the parents are having asthma then their children well be having it. Their children will be at higher risk of developing it. Apart from the genetic factor, asthma is also related to allergies though allergy triggers asthma symptoms but it can be the root cause of asthma especially in children. There are certain environmental factors too like climate changes and some physiological factors like weak immune system. Cough with or without sputum production, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain, nasal flaring, tightness in the chest are some common asthma symptoms.


The bitter fact about the treatment of asthma is it cannot be cured. It can be treated with the help of medications like Generic Prelone. It is a chronic inflammatory disorder in which the airways get inflamed causing shortness of breath. Medications can be taken to reduce asthma symptoms and making breathing easier. Generic Prelone belongs to the group of drugs known as “steroids”. Chemically it is composed of prednisolone. It works by inhibiting a substance in the body that causes inflammation. Generic Prelone (prednisolone) reduces inflammation and improves asthma symptoms. You can also by prednisolone from online drug store. Though Generic Prelone reduces asthma symptoms but it has some mild side effects also which vanishes once your body gets comfortable with the medication. Side effects of prednisolone include muscle weakness, stomach upset, increased sweating, headache etc.