Different types and causes of heartburn and how to treat it effectively

We often complain about tightness in the chest or burning sensation in the throat after taking meal. It is known as heartburn and this happens to every one of us. It is characterized by flowing of the gastric juices in the upward direction from the stomach to esophagus or food pipe. Though it seems a normal health condition which can be cured with home remedies or medications like antacids but if it is happening on a regular basis then it could be warning sign of some underlying diseases like gastroesophageal reflux disorder. It is characterized by frequent heartburn. When the gastric juices come from the stomach to the throat in the upward direction they also contain acid that is secreted by the stomach for digestion of the food. If heartburn occurs frequently, then the acid may damage the inner lining of the stomach and food pipe causing ulcers of these organs. Heartburn is treatable and one should know the causes and types of heartburn to get the appropriate treatment.
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Types of heartburn

Like I mentioned above, before rush to self medicate yourself, you should know which type of heartburn you are suffering from./ It is easy to know this and will help you get the right treatment that will help to reduce the symptoms effectively. It sounds funny but yes, heartburn also has different types depending on the severity of the disease. The types of heartburn are as follows
•    Summer heartburn – It is the time to enjoy picnics with friends and picnic always comes with spicy and fried food. The heat from outer environment and the fat that we consumed come together and results in heartburn. You can get rid of summer heartburn if you take lighter, easy to digest food and avoid going in sunlight as much as possible. You should avoid having acidic food.
•    Pregnancy heartburn – It occurs due to pressure on the stomach from the third trimester of pregnancy. It goes away once the baby arrives.
•    Nighttime heartburn – It is the most worst and painful type of heartburn that occurs at night and destroys sleep.
•    Gastroesophageal reflux disorder – It is another form of heartburn but it is more serious and painful one. GERD is not just a type of heartburn but it is a cause of various underlying diseases.
•    Chronic heartburn – It refer as the heartburn that occurs frequently, say for 2 to 3 times in a week. It needs medical attention as it may lead to ulcer formation in stomach or esophagus.

Causes of heartburn

There are several causes of heartburn that differs from person to person. These cause are listed below
•    Eating heavy meal that is not easy to digest is one of the major and common causes of heartburn.
•    Eating excess of spicy food.
•    Drinking excess of beverages like beer, cola and wine
•    Some vegetables like onions, garlic and leeks.
•    Dairy products like yogurt and milk.
•    Meat and chicken along with fishes like tuna
•    Excess intake of beverages like coffee and tea also lead to heartburn.
•    Smoking
•    Apart from this lifestyle and lack of regular exercise.

Treatment of heartburn

Heartburn is easily curable but if it is occurring bon a regular basis then it should be because of something wrong going on in the digestive system. Though you can treat heartburn with the help of Generic Prevacid which has Lansoprazole as an active chemical active constituent. It belongs to a group of medications which are called as “proton pump inhibitors”. Generic Prevacid works by inhibiting the enzyme that present in the walls of the stomach and thus it reduces acid production. This helps to treat heartburn. It is also use to treat ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux disorder. Generic Prevacid is a time tested medication for the treatment of heartburn. Apart from this you can also treat heartburn with home remedies.