Thursday, January 20, 2011

Asthma and Allergy realted find out how generic prelone helps to control it

You often come to know that allergy triggers asthma and makes it worse. Many times you see it is happening with your friend or relatives. Even doctor advice a patient who is suffering from asthma to stay away from factors causing allergy. Does asthma and allergy are related to each other? The answer is yes in some cases and no in some. It is so because asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder which is characterized by coughing and shortness of breath. In other hand allergy is a different health issue where it is a reaction of our immune system to an allergen – a substance that produces certain symptoms in an individual when he or she comes in contact with that substance.

Overview of Asthma and Allergy Attack

During asthma attack, the asthma symptoms get worse and results in tightening of the muscles around the airways causing bronchospasm. The inner lining of the airways becomes inflamed and swollen and it produces thicker mucus than usual. Because of this asthma symptoms like difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing occur. These make the daily activities difficult to perform.
Allergy is the reaction of our immune system to certain substances which are literally harmless to most of us but can create lots of problem for those who are allergic to them. These substance include particular food products, dust mites, dust particles, pollen grains etc. These are known as allergens. These can trigger an allergy attack and makes it worse. When an allergen is spotted by our immune system, it produces antibodies to get rid of it. These antibodies release a certain type of chemical known as histamine into the bloodstream. It produces the allergy symptoms like sneezing, itching and watering of the eyes. It can also affect throat, lungs and skin.

Allergy can cause asthma

Asthma and allergy are different from each other but allergy can make the asthma symptoms worse and also in some cases it is the primary cause of developing asthma. Though the root cause of asthma is still unknown to scientists. But there are factors which trigger asthma. These factors include pollution, even sound and strange thing is lack of exposure to bacteria and viruses. It is because it makes the immune system weaker and can develop several health conditions and asthma is one of them. Allergy also makes asthma symptoms worse and the indoor allergens like dust mites, dust particles and pollen grains play an important role. Scientists have concluded that genetic inheritance also could be a cause behind asthma. If both the parents are asthma sufferers than there are 40% chances of developing it in child. It is the same case in terms of allergy attacks.

Treatment for Asthma

Even if the root cause of asthma is still unknown, one can get benefits with the invention of new medicines for treatment of asthma and allergy. The treatment for asthma includes oral medicines and use of inhaler which carry the medicine directly to the lungs. The oral medicine includes generic prelone which is chemically made up of prednisolone. It belongs to the class of medications known as “steroids” which reduces inflammation of the airways and makes breathing easier for sufferers of asthma and allergy. Generic prelone has some mild side effects that get vanish as you body get comfortable with the medicine. Dizziness, headache, increased appetite, nausea, nervousness, upset stomach and increased sweating are the common side effects of prednisolne. But it is very effective in treating asthma symptoms and you can buy prednisolone online also.
Relation between Asthma and Allergy

Asthma and allergy does go hand in hand as allergy to certain substances can make asthma symptoms worse. In many cases, exposure to allergens like dust mites, pollen grains worsen causes asthma attack. Majority of the asthma patients are affected by some form of allergy. But you should know that asthma can be triggered by non allergic substances too.

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