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Multiple sclerosis
The multiple sclerosis or MS is the inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. In multiple sclerosis the nerves of the brain and the spinal cord nerves degenerates. Every spinal cord nerve cell has a covering on it known as “myelin sheath”. This myelin sheath protects the nerve cell from damage and provides insulation to it. Myelin sheath improves conduction of nerve and also maintains the health of the nerve tissues. In multiple sclerosis disease the myelin sheath itself get disintegrate because of the inflammation. Because of this the impulse which travels through the nerve in the form of electrical signal becomes slow in speed. The nerve cells itself get damaged. As the number of nerves gets affected the person suffers from trouble in normal body functions like speech, writing, walking and memory. Multiple sclerosis can occur in the age 20 to 50 but can also be seen in children and elderly people. Women are at high risk of developing multiple sclerosis or MS than men.

Cause of multiple sclerosis

The cause of multiple sclerosis is still not known. As per the research of the last 20 years it can be described as the disorder of the immune system. It is also believed that this is the hereditary disease but the research is still going on. The immune system is the body’s protective system and if the foreign substance triggers this system than the immune system takes a defensive action about it which identifies the foreign substance and destroy it. This whole mechanism is depends upon the rapid communication between the immune cells and the production of cells that can destroy the foreign substance. Researcher believes that the foreign substance alters the immune system and immune system destroys the myelin sheath. Some of the myelin sheath may be repaired and some of the spinal cord nerve cells lose their myelin sheath.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be mild or severe in nature. These symptoms of multiple sclerosis can occur as a single symptom or a group of symptoms. The duration of the symptoms is also short or long in various people. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis include visual disturbance accompanied by eye pain, weakness in the limb with or without loss of coordination, muscle spasms, fatigue, numbness, loss of sensation, problem in speech, lack of concentration, depression, an uncontrollable urge to laugh or weep and memory loss to some extent.

Treatment of multiple sclerosis

In the treatment of multiple sclerosis, the physician has to look after some important thins and need to set goals which are beneficial for the patient. These goals includes
1) Enhancing the speed of recovery from the attacks with the help of steroid drugs.
2) Reducing the number of attacks
3) Trying to slow down the progression of the disease
The very first goal can be achieved with the help of  Lioresal (Baclofen). The active constituent is the Baclofen. This drug belongs to the class of medication known as the anti spastic agent. Generic Lioresal (Baclofen) is use to reduce the pain cause by the multiple sclerosis. It is also use to treat muscle symptoms cause by multiple sclerosis. The spasm, pain and stiffness cause by multiple sclerosis is also treated with the help of Generic Lioresal (Baclofen). In the treatment of severe spasticity, Baclofen is injected into the spinal cord and thus use in the treatment of other spinal cord diseases.  Lioresal  works by the mimicking the GABA which is a natural neurotransmitter in the brain and blocking the activity of other nerves in the brain.

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