Sunday, January 16, 2011

Skin disease can be cured by making few changes in daily food

Big acne on our face not only destroys its beauty but also drops down our confidence of going social. We tend to get worried about the treatment of it and the stress we goes through makes it much more difficult. We buy skin care products which are sometimes out of our budget and get try all kind of possible treatments to get rid of acne as fast as possible. We want everything instantly and there we fail to get the right treatment to treat acne. You should have lots of patience to treat acne as there is a possibility of the occurrence of it. Apart from the external application of creams and lotions, you should also clean yourself from within. Acne forms when the oil gland that is situated below the layers of the skin becomes overactive and produces more oil which is not that much necessary for our skin. Because of this excess oil, dust particle from the surrounding and dead skin cells get trapped within the skin pores. This causes inflammation of skin and results in acne.

Changes in Diet

It is always said that when you are healthy from within it shows on your face. So it is very important to take care of your internal system to get rid of acne. Drinking plenty of water is the most effective and inexpensive way to clean your system. This also add glow to your face and it shows. Water detoxifies our digestive system and helps to remove the waste material which contributes to the formation of acne. Another simple way is to take a close look at your diet and you will get the answer on your own. You should make a list of food items which you think, after consuming them you get acne or it makes acne worse which are already present. So you can have a list of such food products that you are allergic to and can easily avoid them to treat acne. You should avoid taking excess of oil in your diet in the form of butter, fatty food etc. Instead of going for chicken or meat, go for green leafy vegetables as it contains vitamins, minerals and good amount of fiber which helps to clean your stomach.

Meditation to treat acne

Stress is the culprit in getting any kind of physical or mental disorder. Stress can trigger your hormonal condition. It may create hormonal imbalance in your body causing different types of hormonal diseases and acne is one of them. It sounds strange but it is the reality. You can take out at least 10 minutes from your busy scheduled for meditation. This improves your mental state as well as makes you emotionally strong. Meditation helps to reduce the work load of heart and reduces cholesterol levels. Meditation also improves your psychological condition by reducing depression, anxiety and helps to increase creativity and emotional stability. Meditation slows down the aging process and increases feeling of happiness. Thus when you are filled with joy inside it shows on outside adding glow to your face.

Cosmetics and acne

At last comes the most important factor and that is choosing good quality cosmetics. Cosmetics contain harmful chemicals which can cause acne and can make the situation worse. Try to avoid cosmetics and go for natural beauty products. If your skin is oily than better you stay away from cosmetics as it may react with the oil on your face,worsen your acne and makes it difficult to treat acne.

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