Friday, February 11, 2011

Some facts about Hypothyroidism that everybody should know

The normal activity of the body is done with the help of various hormones secreted by glands. These hormones are involved in numerous biological processes that occur in the body. Amongst all hormones, the thyroid hormone which is known as thyroxin held importance as it regulate the body’s basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is the amount of energy used by body. This hormone is secreted by thyroid gland which is located in the lower part of the neck region. When the amount of thyroxin produced by the thyroid gland decreases it causes hypothyroidism as a result of which body’s metabolic rate slowed down. This low amount of hormone could not perform the work assigned to it properly thus lead to several other complications. It is very important to treat hypothyroidism as early as possible as it may lead to long term health issues. Early diagnosis of the symptoms helps us to start the treatment and prevents further damage.


Hypothyroidism symptoms can be mistakes for other disorder as they are very common and often neglected especially by women. Initially hypothyroidism is not easy to detect and may go unnoticed for years. This disorder can affect any age group regardless of sex so it becomes very essential to get yourself checked for any abnormal changes than usual in your body. Following are some common symptoms of hypothyroidism that can help you to keep a track of if you are suspected to thyroid problems.
1) Unusual fatigue or weakness
2) Weight gain
3) Goiter or swelling of thyroid gland causing discomfort in the neck
4) Swelling of the skin around the eyes and cheeks
5) Hair loss and dry skin
6) Constipation
7) Signs of depression
8) Irregular menstrual periods
9) Intolerance to cold climate
10) Forgetfulness
Thyroid problems like hypothyroidism shows above symptoms and therefore it is essential to get yourself checked for this disorder at the early stage.

Adverse effects on health

There are some facts about hypothyroidism unknown to us. This thyroid problem affects us in many ways. Do you know that it is related to infertility? Yes, hypothyroidism may lead to infertility in women because more women tend to get thyroid problems than men. Ovulation process gets altered due to low levels of thyroid hormone causing difficulties in conceiving. Hypothyroidism also makes it difficult to lose weight in spite of proper diet and regular exercise. Your efforts of losing weight go in vain as you keep on putting up the weight. Hypothyroidism also put you on the high risk of developing breast cancer and coronary artery diseases.


As mentioned before detection for the presence of thyroid problems, it is important to keep a track of symptoms. This will help your physician to treat hypothyroidism effectively. Basically it is hormonal deficiency disorder and therefore it can be treated with the help of hormone replacement therapy though it also depends on the severity of the disease and its progression. It includes synthetic form of thyroxin hormone like Generic Synthroid. Chemically it is composed of Levothyroxine Sodium. This manmade version of thyroid hormone works wonder for thyroid patients and shows improvement. Though one should know that it also has some side effects and your physician prescribe Generic Synthroid because he or she thinks about benefits over side effects. Hormone replacement shows improvement in the disease but it also depends on the type of life style you are into.


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