Sunday, February 27, 2011

Smoking cessation tips and role of anti depressant medications to stop smoking

Smoking has destroyed lives of millions and still it is eating up new lives per day. It is pretty sad but true and no one can help the smoker to stop smoking but oneself. Yes, you are the one who has taken up habit of smoking now only you can leave this habit. I know it easy to talk about but hard to follow. But you should know that it is hard to stop smoking but not impossible. I was a chain smoker and used to smoke countless cigarettes. But when I realized that smoking has broken me physically as well as mentally, I start to find ways to stop smoking. Trust me guys; it was not easy-to-achieve journey for me. It is because the craving for nicotine is the signal given by the brain to the body when its level goes down. Our body has a system which automatically lowers the level of nicotine in the blood but as the level goes down, nervous system sends the message and we crave for cigarettes. The most important aid of smoking cessation is your will power. I thought, I should share some tips with you about quitting smoking. Some techniques that I have used and some I tips I got from my friends who have successfully stop smoking and living a healthy life.

Will power and hypnotherapy as smoking cessation

Your thoughts create your life and I strongly believe in this as I use my thought process to stop smoking. Your thought process is your will power and is the best smoking cessation aid. Firstly, you should feel of giving up smoking from the core of your heart. You can also set a date when you will be giving up smoking. Prepare yourself by throwing away all the cigarettes, ashtrays and your craving for nicotine. Many smokers adopt this technique as it has come up with great results without much investment. The other way is hypnotherapy which many people find effective to stop smoking. This is done by the experts who are known as hypnotherapists. These experts design a scientifically based program that helps the smoker to quit smoking.  It needs couple of sessions and it depends on the duration of smoking habit.

Nicotine substitute as smoking cessation

There are other methods which includes a substitute for nicotine. A substitute is a substance that gives the same effects like nicotine but helps as a smoking cessation aid. Amongst these, nicotine gum has become quite popular. As the name suggests, it is chewing gum that contain low amount of nicotine. Whenever you crave for nicotine just pop in a piece and it will work as a cigarette. It will help to reduce craving for nicotine. The other substance is nicotine patches and lozenges. These all are available at all drug store and supermarket. These contain low level of nicotine so you cannot get addicted to this and can stop taking such nicotine substitutes.

Anti depressant drugs as smoking cessation

Many other methods are also available for smoking cessation. One more way to stop smoking is to take anti depressant medications like Generic Zyban. But you should keep one thing in mind that you need to take such medicine under medical supervision. Please do not self medicate yourself. This medicine has side effects and that is why it is better to talk with your doctor before going for it. Chemically, Generic Zyban is made up of Bupropion SR. It is an anti depressant medication. It is used in the treatment of major depressive disorder but it is also useful for smoking cessation. There is relationship between depression and smoking. When you feel depress you longed to smoke more and once you smoke you start to feel relax and calm. This cycle goes on day by day and without knowing you develop addiction for smoking. Generic Zyban being an anti depressant medicine helps you to get relief from depression and ultimately acts as a smoking cessation aid.

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