Saturday, February 19, 2011

Effective Treatment of Acne with Generic Retin –A

Acne which are normally known as pimples are seen during the puberty. But the fact is it can occur at any age throughout the life. Along with face, it can occur on chest back and neck too. Acne vulgaris is the scientific name foe acne or pimples. Acne should be treated properly and one should not pinch them as they can form scars on the face known as acne scars. This really looks bad on face and lowers down the confidence. Acne occurs especially in the teenage and therefore teenagers are more concern about this and try to find out all the possible treatment of acne to get rid of it. It is the same case with adults also and that is why we always end up with some treatment that did not work out making the situation much worse than before. That is the reason we should know about the causes and factors that contributes in the formation of acne and the types of acne. Once we know the root cause and the types of acne, it is easy to cure the problem.

Causes of acne

It is important to get to what causes acne to get the right treatment option which can eradicate the root cause and helps to treat acne effectively. Following are some factors or triggers that causes or contribute in the formation of acne
•    Food – It include food items such as nuts, cola, milk, cheese.
•    Heredity – Genes play an important role in transferring acne from generation to generation.
•    Hormones – These plays an important role in contributing in the formation of acne.
•    Nicotine – Cigarettes contain nicotine. Smoking leads to contribute in the formation of acne and damaged skin
These are some factors that contribute in the formation of acne. These factors can be control to get rid of acne except the genetic factors on which you have no control.

Types of acne

Treatment of acne not only depends on causes of it but also it depends on types of acne you are suffering from. Following are the types of acne
•    Non inflammatory acne – It is the most common type of acne that is known as blackheads and whiteheads. The blackheads appear as dark spots while the whiteheads appear as small whitish bumps.
•    Inflammatory acne – It is a more serious type of acne which is causing due to response to body’s immune system to microorganisms like virus. It is hard to cue in comparison to non inflammatory acne. Most of the time it is cause due to bacteria. It is characterized by redness and swelling at the elevated skin.

Treatment of acne

Like I mentioned above, the root cause and the types of acne decides the type of treatment of acne. Most of the times the treatment involves use of topical acne creams like Generic Retin-A which is made up of a chemical known as Tretinoin. It is use in the treatment of acne. It works by irritating the skin and causing the cell division of the cells of the skin because of which the cells die. It results in the increase in turnover of the cells. These new cells replace the old cells and prevent formation of acne. Generic Retin-A is also use to treat sun burned skin, damaged skin and to prevent wrinkles. This topical medication is also available at drug store.

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