Thursday, March 1, 2012

Treat skin defects : Use Generic Retin-A

Acne Treatment with Retin-A
Mostly people tend to cover up there acne marks with makeup especially concealer is used to this job. Actually acne is a disorder of skin caused by inflammation of skin glands and hair follicles on the skin. This problem is mainly seen in teenagers usually they are appearing as pimples on face. To avoid acne scars the most important rule is just stop squeezing and picking the pimples. When these pimple heals a scar is developed on the skin this seems to be a double penalty for the affected person. Basically acne develops as the skin pores gets plugged with the dirt and oil due to which bacteria grow in that area and develops a red bump called pimple. This can be painful if they are filled with pus. So without wasting much time one should try to search for the best treatment available. Here is remedy Generic Retin-A which helps you to get rid of that ugly bump on your face.

Tretinoin is topical cream used to treat this skin disorder. This medication is also helpful in treatment of fine wrinkles and hyper pigmentation caused by sun damaged skin. Topical Generic Retin-A also used in reduction of appearance of stretch marks. Tretinoin is derivative of vitamin A. The mechanism of action of this medicament is it irritates the skin and causes the skin of the cell to grow as it divides vigorously. Due to this process there is increased number of cells and the old cells tend to die. Due to this new cell replaces the old one diminishing the pimples plus the scars. The mechanism is same for the treatment for sun damaged skin and wrinkles.

Improvement of skin can be seen within first three weeks. Since it is also FDA approved so it is really safe to use. Since it is a topical cream which can be applied on skin so the effect of medication is really fast. The recommended dose of Generic Retin-A is once in a day topically. So rub it on the affected skin and see the miraculous result.

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