Monday, March 19, 2012

Bring Magic to your vitiligo affected skin with Benoquin

It is really very embarrassing to publicly reveal your legs or hands when you have white patches on the skin. These white patches are known as Vitiligo which is a pigmentation disorder in which different parts of the body turn white. It is a chronic skin disease that causes loss of melanocytes which are pigment producing cells, resulting in irregular, pale or white patches on the skin. The exact cause is still unknown to everyone. As per some scientific assumptions and strong suggestions say that it can be transmitted genetically and also may be due to nutritional imbalances and use of certain drugs and chemicals can contribute to the condition.

It never too late to start anything. Though Vitiligo has no cure but yes there is a treatment with Benoquin. Vitiligo patient looses confidence easily and feels inferior then others. Benoquin helps in the reduction of such patches. It is chemically composed of a component which is an active constituent of monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone known as monobenzone. Monobenzone treats the pigmentation on the skin and also treats the uneven skin color. Monobenzone cream is applied on the skin as a skin lightner that helps to reduce the dark patches on the skin. This depigmenting cream acts on the unharmed skin by decreasing the levels of pigment molecules or melanin in order to match with the affected areas. Benoquin works magically on the pigmented skin to diminish the pigmented or darkened part of the skin.

If you notice a white patch on your skin and see if the size is increasing, then you will have to seek immediate medical attention. Real Monobenzone cream helps to permanently depigment normal skin surrounding vitiliginous lesions in patients with disseminated idiopathic vitiligo. The medicine has contraindications which cannot be neglected such as it might be hypersensitive for certain patients, pregnant ladies and nursing mothers.

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