Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)-types and treatment

Nowadays as the world is getting more open towards sexual activity. As a result of which people are changing their partner frequently which have put them on high risk of developing sexually transmitted disease (STD). Despite from the fact about the dangers of the unprotected sex, there is a boost in sexually transmitted diseases (STD). This trend is not limited to a particular country but has been spreading all over the world. It is necessary to spread awareness about this deadly issue as it is affecting millions of people in the world. There are several types of sexually transmitted diseases exists. It causes discomfort and symptoms that divert concentration from work. We should be aware that this disease is transmitted via unprotected sexual activity with the infected person. It can be transmitted through vaginal, anal or oral kind of sexual activity. Therefore it becomes a serious issue when you keep changing the partners.

Types of sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

There are several types of sexually transmitted diseases present. Some of them are curable with medicines and some cannot be cured but the progression of the disease can be controlled. Following is the list of sexually transmitted disease.

  • Genital herpes – It is a viral disease which can transmit from the infected person through unprotected sex.
  • Genital warts – It is also a viral disease. It transmits via unprotected sex to the healthy person.
  • Gonorrhea – It is a common type of sexually transmitted disease (STD). In most of the cases gonorrhea does not show any kind of symptoms.
  • AIDS / HIV infections – it is the most deadly form of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). The culprit is the unprotected sex which leads to HIV infections. The bitter truth is there is no cure to HIV infections but medicines are available which slow down the progression of the disease and helps the sufferer of HIV infections to live longer.

  • Bacterial vaginosis – This occurs due to replacement of the normal bacteria of the vagina with the bacteria that comes from different place. It is possible because of an unprotected sex.

  • Hepatitis – There are many types of hepatitis but the one which is a sexually transmitted diseases (STD) is the hepatitis B. It affects the liver and it creates complications in long term.

Symptoms and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

The above mentioned types of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are commonly seen in individuals. These forms are treatable but HIV infections have no cure. So now you can understand the danger of unprotected sex. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) shows distinct symptoms that cause discomfort and irritability. The most common and considerably mild symptoms are formation of blisters, itching, tenderness, flu like symptoms, headache and severe pain around affected part of the body. The serious concern about the sexually transmitted diseases (STD) is it can create complications like erectile dysfunction and impotence in men and infertility in women. The treatment of STD depends on the cause of it and severity of the symptoms. When it is cause due to bacteria, antibiotic like Generic Zithromax. It has Azithromycin as an active chemical constituent. Generic Zithromax is a semi-synthetic macrolide antibiotic which works by stopping the growth of the bacteria. It is used against a wide range of bacteria. Therefore along with sexually transmitted diseases (STD), Generic Zithromax is also use to treat middle ear infection. It is useful in the treatment of tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and sinusitis. It is easily available at local pharmacy and also at online drug store.

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