Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Get to know everything about diabetes

Unhealthy lifestyle has taken over all of us and thus we have to face many health troubles which were rare many years back. Less physical work and eating junk food to save time to bury you into more work has become a habit and thus several disorders have been affecting individuals. To reduce stress smoking and drinking alcohol has become as simple as having dessert after a meal. The net result is health disorders such as obesity which give rise to diabetes mellitus or type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular disorders.

What causes diabetes?

Today’s most dangerous health issue is the diabetes mellitus or type 2 diabetes. This is a chronic metabolism disorder. The major part of diet is consisting of carbohydrate that gets digested into simpler forms of sugar which is important source of energy. Our cells take in glucose with the help of a hormone known as insulin which is secreted by pancreas gland in the body. The insulin is being secreted in adequate amount when there is a requirement to push the glucose in the cells thus lowering blood glucose level. In diabetes the glucose level in the blood remain high due to inadequate insulin production or the inactive insulin which is unable to push glucose in the cells. This excess of glucose gets excreted out of the body and despite of availability of plenty of glucose cells does not get enough energy.

Types and symptoms of diabetes

There are three type of diabetes occurs which are given below:
1) Type 1 diabetes – There is no insulin production at all.
2) Type 2 diabetes – Inadequate production of insulin or the insulin produce is inactive.
3) Gestational diabetes – Diabetes occurs during pregnancy.
The symptoms of diabetes for type 1 and type 2 are similar and thus one should track them to get early diagnosis of the disorder. The three important symptoms of diabetes include increase frequency of urine or polyuria, increased thirst or polydipsia and increased hunger or polyphagia. Along with these the other symptoms of diabetes include extreme fatigue, sudden weight loss, itching of the skin or the occurrence of fungal infection, blurred vision, tingling or numb feeling in hands and legs and also wounds that takes longer time to heal.

Risk factors for diabetes

There are certain parameters which are known as risk factors for diabetes. These include obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, wrong eating habits, heredity, older age, high blood pressure and cholesterol and history of gestational diabetes. In diabetes glucose passes in to the urine and thus a simple urine test is done and confirmation is done by blood glucose test. Glucose tolerance test is another test done when the blood glucose levels are not high enough to detect the disorder. In this test sweet liquid is given to the sufferer and then the blood get tested in specific interval of time to check how body deals with the intake of sugar.

Diet and exercise for better diabetes control

Diet planning is very important to control the blood sugar in normal range. It shouldn’t go up or down. Cut off excessive use of salt, sugar and fat from your diet. Keep this stuff in minimum amount. Have lean fish instead of meat, eggs and poultry products. Add low fat milk and low fat dairy products in your diet. Instead of normal tea or coffee switch to herbal tea. Avoid having carbohydrate rich food stuff. Include special food for diabetes such as fenugreek seeds and leaves, bitter gourd, Indian blackberry, garlic, onion, flaxseeds and fruits and vegetables to get fiber. Along with a proper diet one should not miss regular exercise to meet up the needs. Walking, running is some basic exercise beneficial to control diabetes.

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