Friday, November 11, 2011

Generic Flonase : Fixing up runny nose with good diet

Carrying lots of tissues almost every day is a headache for those who are dealing with runny nose. This is one of the allergic symptoms that annoy the sufferer.Generic Flonase is the nose spray that works effectively to get rid of runny nose. Runny nose occurs due to a condition known as rhinitis. There are various forms of rhinitis and the ultimate symptom is runny nose. There are some home remedies that work better for runny nose and other allergic symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing or inflammation. But it wouldn’t be beneficial to depend on home remedies alone. You need to get generic Flonase nose spray to treat runny nose. You need to take good diet also as it helps to build up your immune system and helps to fight back with allergens. Runny nose also require good hygiene and that is why a bundle of clean tissues is important to keep you clean. Taking extra personal hygiene helps to prevent spreading or worsening of runny nose.The simple thing may transform in to complicate one. Generic Flonase contains fluticasone propionate which is an active chemical that helps to control runny
nose and also reduces inflammation.

As mentioned above diet always plays an important role while fixing up a health issue or to boost up the immune system. There are certain food products fortified with anti oxidants that help to recover from runny nose and other allergic symptoms such as stuffy nose or sneezing. Generic Flonase is also important as this medication is quite effective in giving comfort from inflammation that arises due to stuffy nose or runny nose. You always tend to have more hot coffee or tea to get comfort in runny nose but more caffeine you take the more mucus production will take place. So better to avoid coffee or tea to get better results with generic Flonase. You need to get food products that are known to increase immune power and essential for a faster recovery from runny nose. Zinc is a mineral that boost up the immune system and found in meat, oysters, sardines and grain products. Vitamin A is necessary for cell repair and hence effective in reducing inflammation. Carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, spinach are some good source of this vitamin.

Diet rich in vitamins and minerals give extra strength to fight with the allergens and also produce good results with generic Flonase. This nose spray works better when you combine good diet with proper hygiene to beat runny nose. Generic Flonase works by mimicking the naturally occurring hormone. This is how generic Flonase inhibit the various chemicals and cells that are responsible for the occurrence of allergic symptoms such as runny nose and inflammation. This nose spray is to prevent the symptoms such as inflammation or runny nose and other allergic symptoms rather than treating them. Thus one should use generic Flonase on a daily basis to get rid of runny nose and inflammation associated with it. This nose spray need to be prescribed by your doctor and hence need to be taken as directed by the doctor.

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