Monday, December 5, 2011

Real monobenzone and Vitiligo treatment

Vitiligo depigmentation can be reduced with the help of skin lightner chemical known as monobenzone or real monobenzone. This is available under the trade name known as Benoquin. Vitiligo treatment focus on the reduction of the depigmentation patches that are caused due to destruction of the melanin producing cells known as melanocytes. Melanin is the color pigment giving a specific color to the skin. The Vitiligo treatment includes skin lightner products that reduces the deoigmentation and gives you the relief from the embarrassment occur due to Vitiligo depigmentation. The characteristic symptoms of Vitiligo are the appearance of the white patches on the affected body part. These white patches occur anywhere on the body and it looks very bad on the face lowering one’s confidence and self esteem level. These white patches also occur inside the nose and mouth and also on the retina of the eye. Skin lightner made of real monobenzone is widely used in the Vitiligo treatment since long time and it has come up with good result. The effectiveness of the vitiligo treatment with real monobenzone is quite high and has delivered good results.
There is no exact cause for Vitiligo depigmentation and thus the Vitiligo treatment also becomes difficult. Due to this one face difficulty while getting the correct treatment for Vitiligo depigmentation. It is believed that Vitiligo is an auto immune disorder as the one’s own immune system becomes enemy of the melanocytes and destroys them and thus they stop producing melanin and hence depigmentation occurs. The other factors include genetic factor that indicate that if either or both of the parents are suffering from Vitiligo or if there is a history of depigmentation in the family then the young generation or the children are more prone to develop the disorder. Vitiligo depigmentation becomes sever due to diet changes or some food products that makes them severe. Therefore one should keep track of food items that cause severity in depigmentation. The other factors include stress, environmental factors and the Vitiligo treatment is manly done through skin lightner made of real monobenzone named as Benoquin.
Vitiligo treatment would always prove to be risky. The side effects of treatments are as unpredictable the disorder's cause. That is why Vitiligo treatment should always be done with utmost care and patience. A person's own tissues mat be used for surgical Vitiligo treatment through autologous skin grafts. The doctor removes portions of the pigmented skin and then replaces the affected skin with it. Possible complications for this Vitiligo treatment include infections, scarring, a cobblestone appearance, or a spotty repigmentation. The greatest risk would be the skin's failure to repigment at all. Another surgical treatment using the pigmented skin is skin grafts using blisters. The patient's pigmented skin is exposed to heat, which then causes blisters. These blisters are cut off and then transplanted to the depigmented area. Another simpler option is tattooing or micropigmentation. This is usually done on patients with dark skin. Tattoos, however, tend to fade in time and may even lead to blister outbreaks. The Vitiligo treatment is also done by skin lightner such as Benoquin made of real monobenzone.

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