Friday, August 12, 2011

Vitiligo treatment to reduce depigmentation

Vitiligo is not harmful or contagious skin disorder but it does have effect on your self esteem and confidence. This skin disorder is characterized by the white patches formed due to the depigmentation of the cells. There are cells which are known as melanocytes. These cells are responsible for the production of the melanin which gives color to the skin. Depigmentation occurs due to the destruction of these melanocytes by the person’s own immune system and thus Vitiligo is also considered as the auto immune disorder. Vitiligo depigmentation can occur anywhere on the body but it mainly seen on the face, hands and wrist. It is also seen on the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose and also on the retina of the eye. There are several options available in Vitiligo treatment but use of skin lightner product is quite popular than the other options. One needs to start the Vitiligo treatment as early as possible to get the desired results. Vitiligo treatment requires lot of patience. Skin lightner used in Vitiligo treatment is made of real monobenzone which comes under the brand name Benoquin.

Vitiligo treatment would have been better if the exact cause would have been known to us. But unfortunately the exact cause is not known to us. There are several theories related to the causes of depigmentation due to Vitiligo. The very first and common cause or theory is that Vitiligo is hereditary. It has been observed that Vitiligo travels from generation to generation and if any one of the parents is suffering from it then the child is at high risk of developing the depigmentation. The other reason is the sudden attack of the immune system on the melanocytes which results in the depigmentation. There are other factors too which are known to worsen the depigmentation. These factors include stress, life style issue and diet problems. Vitiligo treatment includes use of skin lightner product such as Benoquin made of real monobenzone. There are other alternative methods too which are effective in reducing the white patches of Vitiligo depigmentation. The other methods of Vitiligo treatment are not so effective or are expensive that is why use of skin lightner cream such as Benoquin made of real monobenzone.
Vitiligo treatment normally includes use of skin lightner products, surgery, laser technology, ayurvedic treatment, homeopathic treatment and home remedies. Normally Vitiligo treatment requires lot of patience and time. Skin lightner products are normally made of real monobenzone which are marketed under the name of Benoquin. This is available in the form of topical cream and it has to use under medical supervision to avoid any kind of adverse effects. Vitiligo treatment is also done with home remedies but they also require time and it is not necessary that everybody will get the same results with home remedies. Vitiligo treatment should be decided by your doctor and thus you should not self medicate yourself. Vitiligo treatment also include surgery which is a quite expensive option and the success rate is also not that much good as compared to skin lightner Benoquin

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