Saturday, August 27, 2011

Give up smoking and relish the benefits

Smoking is a really addictive habit and most men and women think it's quite difficult to give up smoking. But the medical risks and health hazards related to smoking have already been identified, and these make your attempts to give up smoking worth it. In order to give up smoking you need to concentrate on the methods that help you to get rid of it. You need to get yourself updated with the health hazards caused due to smoking and also using the stop smoking pills to give up smoking. Furthermore, you'll need to be familiar with the rewards of being nicotine-free; these would push you to succeed. Identify give up smoking day and quit using tobacco once and for all once that date comes. Make sure that there aren't any cigarette sticks, ashtrays and lighters in your residence, work place or vehicle. You could also let your friends and family members know that you hope to give up smoking with stop smoking pills such Generic Zyban as they will guide you throughout this process.

However giving up smoking can amzingly improve your health and repair the majority of damage caused by smoking. following are few of the benefits you get when you give up smoking:
• Risk of lung cancer will be reduced. In 15 years time your risk of lung cancer will be reduced to that of a non-smoker.
• Fitness will increase means there will be no more shortness of breath.
• You get less cough and cold. Smoking damages the air sacs in the lungs making them more open to infection and toxins get into the blood which damages the immune system. By giving up smoking you let your lungs to be free from infections and toxins will be removed from the blood stream therefore coughs and colds will be reduced.
• Heart attack and strokes occurs to be less likely. Nicotine in the tobacco causes hardening and blocking of the arteries, this makes blood circulation difficult. Blocked blood vessels to the heart and brain can cause heart attacks and strokes respectively. When you give up smoking you help the arteries to become open again and they can carry the blood like before.
• Chronic Lung damage slows down. Long term damage to the lungs happens naturally over time anyway but smoking speeds it up. Chronic lung damage caused by smoking cannot be reversed but will slow down dramatically after you've quit.

The above benefits you get when you give up on smoking. There are several alternatives but stop smoking pills such as Generic Zyban. This is the best way to give up smoking. The active chemical bupropion sr makes up these stop smoking pills and one can get them after consulting with a doctor. The other give up smoking methods include chewing nicotine gum or using nicotine patches that may cause addiction over prolonged use and therefore using Generic Zyban is quite beneficial. Being a drug it comes with side effects along with the good effect. Therefore you need to take these stop smoking pills under medical supervision to avoid or minimize the adverse effects. Bupropion sr 150 mg is the standard dosage form of the drug. If you take this medicine under your doctor’s supervision then it becomes the best way to give up smoking. Generic Zyban is also available at online drug store.

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