Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vitligo causes and real monobenzone for Vitiligo treatment

What is Vitiligo?

Skin disorders are always difficult to cope up with. Being acne or any fungal infection skin problems destroys the appearance of the skin as well as lowers the confidence. Amongst these skin disorders depigmentation of the skin also known as Vitiligo is the more annoying one. This occurs mostly due to a sudden attack of the immune system on the melanocytes. These are the cells which involves in the production of the melanin which is a color pigment of the human skin. Due to these attack melanocytes gets destroy and depigmentation of the affected area occurs. Hence it is generally known as the auto immune disorder. But scientists also believe that Vitiligo is a hereditary skin disorder. If any of your parents or close relatives are suffering from this depigmentation of the skin than it is more likely to affect you also. There are other factors too such as stress, environmental factors etc. Vitiligo treatment is consisting of use of topical cream which is made of real monobenzone. This is available under the name Benoquin. This drug is very important in the Vitiligo treatment as it has skin lightner effect.

Causes of Vitiligo and depigmentation

It is said that there is no exact cause to this disorder but according to some research it has been concluded that some factors worsen this condition and it is better to control these factors. Like I mentioned above the exact cause behind Vitiligo and the depigmentation caused due to this skin disorder. Immune system generally attacks the foreign substance that cause problem in our body. But it is still not clear what makes it to attack the melanocytes and to stop the production of melanin. This creates the white patches especially on the face, hands and wrist. These patches are also seen on the inner lining of the mouth and nose and also on the retina of the eye. Interestingly the hairs on the affected part also turns white in color or the new hair that grows also appear white in color. So this is one of the causes we have no control over it. But skin lightner such as Benoquin helps to reduce these white patches. The other factors include stress, life style issues and environmental factors which do not affect the individual directly but can worsen the existing Vitiligo.

Vitiligo treatment with real monobenzone

The Vitiligo treatment aims for the reduction in the depigmentation of the skin due to which white patches occurs. This requires patience as treatment is time consuming. But the skin lightner effect of monobenzone or the real monobenzone is so effective that you can get back the original appearance of your skin. Along with Benoquin; Vitiligo treatment also includes laser technology and surgery. These two options are quite expensive and the success rates are variable form person to person. Some may also opt for herbal or home remedies which are also effective for Vitiligo treatment.But there is nothing as effective as Benoquin. This is chemically made of monobenzone or the real monobenzone. This drug has a special skin lightner effect which reduces or you can say bleaches the depigmentation of the skin to give you the even skin tone.

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