Sunday, July 24, 2011

Health benefits offered by Generic Viagra

Everybody knows about Generic Viagra and how it works for the erectile dysfunction sufferers. The sildenafil citrate which is active chemical of the drug has a greater efficiency in improving the blood circulation and ultimately it helps to increase the blood supply to the penis to give you the desired erection. Well this is common information that everybody knows about Generic Viagra. But in fact there are other health benefits too you get it from this miraculous drug. Generic Viagra not only increases the blood flow to the penis but it also improves the overall blood circulation in the body. This occurs due to sildenafil citrate which is a PDE5 inhibitor class of drug. This chemical of Generic Viagra helps the arteries to relax and thus their capacity to carry the blood increases. This effect is seen in the arterial walls of the lungs and thus the lungs also get the abundant supply of the blood. The influence of the PDE5 enzyme is seen in the lungs too.

Erectile dysfunction occurs due to insufficient supply of blood to the penis and t results in no or little erection which is not helpful in sexual intercourse. This happens mainly due to PDE5 enzyme that puts restriction to the blood flow. But Generic Viagra contains sildenafil citrate which inhibits this enzyme and ultimately the blood flow increases. It would be interesting to know the whole process in detail. After you take Generic Viagra, the active medication travels to the lungs and also to penis. In penis how it works we have seen. When sildenafil citrate enters the lungs, it gets attached to the PDE5 and thus the blood passage gets open up. Thus it improves the blood circulation and that is why blood can transport more and more oxygen. This effect of Generic Viagra reduces the efforts of the heart to pump or circulate the blood. On the other hand the lung experiences less pressure and a man s able to breathe better than usual. Well this is not a quick process like you have Generic Viagra and within an hour or so you are experiencing such changes. It takes time but you will definitely experience some changes during physical activity such as exercise and sexual activity is also a kind of sexual activity. Generic Viagra not only provide you the proper erection but also other health benefits too.

It is so good that one drug like Generic Viagra will provide you the harder and strong penile erection but along with it you get a better heart and lungs too. If these two organs are working in a good condition than your overall health becomes good. Better blood circulation improves the oxygen carrying capacity of the arteries and thus you feel fresh and active all the time. Generic Viagra is a magical drug and nobody will deny this fact. As the heart and lung are in good health and if you are having regular exercise than it is easier for you to build muscles easily which improves your personality. So you can see that Generic Viagra is so helpful in such things and also in erectile dysfunction treatment. There are some adverse effects too but they are temporary. You always experience side effects with medicines and Generic Viagra is also a medicine. So without wasting much time on thinking about erectile dysfunction get Generic Viagra to treat it and also enjoy the health benefits it offers.

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