Friday, March 18, 2011

Different types of asthma and treatment with generic prelone

Asthma is chronic disorder of the respiratory system that affects the airways or the tubes that carries air in and out of the lungs. Asthma patients have inflamed airways or the inside walls of the airways are swollen with excessive mucus production making breathing difficult. Asthma symptoms include wheezing, chest pains, difficulty breathing and coughing. Asthma is a very uncomfortable and life-threatening disease if not treated correctly. The most annoying part is occurrence of asthma attacks that makes breathing difficult and leaves you chock up, struggling to breath. Frequency and severity of asthma attacks vary from person to person, but severe asthma attack is life threatening. The airways may close due to excessive swelling and mucus production; in this case your body important organs will not receive enough oxygen and this may cause death. You should be aware about the treatment options that will help to reduce the frequency of the asthma attacks and also reduces the severity of the asthma attacks.

Types of asthma

If you are thinking that asthma is a just a general kind of respiratory disorder then you are absolutely wrong. It has several types and it is important to get it correctly diagnosed by your doctor. Treatment for asthma depends and varies as per the type of asthma you are suffering from. The types of asthma are listed below
1) Allergic Asthma - This type of asthma is the most common among all the other types. Allergens such as molds, pollen and mites are the most common culprit of allergic asthma. Some factors like exercising the cold air, inhalation of smoke or dust makes it worse.
2) Non-Allergic Asthma - It is not induced by any allergies and usually it appears after middle age and is due to infections in the lower and upper respiratory tract.
3) Nocturnal Asthma - It normally occurs in sleep and deprives individuals from having a good night's sleep because of severe coughing at night.
4) Occupational Asthma - It is acquired in the place where an individual is working.
5) Child-onset Asthma - This usually occurs when kids are exposed to certain allergies such as dust mites, fungi, and other potential allergies. When a young child or infant wheezes during viral infections, it may indicate developing asthma in the older age as they grow.
6) Seasonal Asthma - It only occurs during certain seasons wherein the pollens or other allergens seem to be more active than any other season. For example, an individual is quite healthy all year round except during winter, when the cold climate makes the asthma symptoms worse.

Treat asthma with generic prelone

It is always helpful to detect the type of asthma on the basis of asthma symptoms because the treatment is different for different types of asthma which are mentioned above. But medication like generic prelone is use to get relief from the annoying asthma symptoms. Treatment for asthma mainly aims to reduce the severity of the asthma symptoms and reducing the asthma attacks. Both make life unbearable and that’s why any treatment for asthma is designed in way which helps to get rid of asthma symptoms. Amongst such medicines, generic prelone which is chemically composed of Prednisolone. It is a steroid which helps to reduce inflammation and swelling of the nasal passage. It gives relief from symptoms of asthma. Though generic prelone has side effects too. These side effects include muscle weakness, headache, dizziness, irregular menstrual periods etc. These side effects get disappear once your body gets adjusted with the drug.

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