Friday, March 25, 2011

Clomephene is use to treat infertile women dealing with ovulation problem

The most unfortunate thing in life of a woman would be infertility which makes her unable to conceive. Unfortunately there are so many of couples who suffer from infertility problems and have trouble getting pregnant. There are several factors affecting it. Ovulation problem is the most common. There is one more condition known as luteal phase defect in medical terms which is also causing problems in getting pregnant. The bad impact of this issue is mainly on the emotional level of a woman. Wanting a child, pregnancy, staring a family is a dream of every woman, no matter how deeply she is committed to her career. But some issues with the female reproductive system like ovulation problem become barrier between her and hers dream. There is no such condition like hopeless situation. With the invention of fertility drugs it has become even easier to treat infertile women and chances of success have been increase. It has brought a ray hope in the lives of couples who want to start their family.

Ovulation problem causes infertility

Before going to know about the working and importance of fertility drugs, let’s take a brief look over ovulation problems. Ovulation is an important part of the menstrual cycle where an ovary discharges a mature egg called an Ovum. When this egg and sperm from comes in contact, fertilization takes place. This is the most important step in the menstrual cycle as this gives a chance for pregnancy. Ovulation is very much important for conceiving. Ovulation generally takes place between day 10 and day 19 of the menstrual cycle. This may vary from woman to woman as the menstrual cycle has different duration for every woman. Problems arising in any of the steps can lead to infertility in women. A woman who is able to complete the process is termed as fertile woman. Causes of infertility in a woman can be from unknown factors, environmental factors such as age, stress, poor diet, smoking, alcohol, genetic conditions or health problems. There are some conditions like luteal phase defect also slows down or alter ovulation process. This causes ovulation problem and ultimately lead to infertility in women.

Treat infertile women with generic clomid

Invention of techniques and treatment to treat infertile drugs has become milestone in medical science. Still it is a long way to go but drugs like clomid has become popular. The chemical formulation for clomid is the clomiphene and it is also available at online drug store. You can also get the generic form of this drug. The generic version is generic clomid also available at drug store. Both the branded and the generic forms contain clomiphene which is one of the widely used fertility drugs. Generic clomid (clomephene) is a selective estrogen receptor modulator type of drug which is used to treat infertile women. It is widely used to treat ovulation problem and also to treat luteal phase defect. Clomid which contain clomephene inhibit the action of estrogen and its level drops down. Due to low level of estrogen, release of follicle stimulating hormone increases. This affects the ovulation rate positively and increases chances of pregnancy.

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