Monday, December 6, 2010

Acne not only destroys the beauty of our face also affect our confidence level

Skin Issue(acne)

Acne Skin Disease
We all fear of nightmares, aren’t we? The most dreadful nightmare is big acne on our beautiful face. Acne not only destroys the beauty of our face but also affect our confidence level. Acne is the common skin issue occurs in teenagers and also in young people having an unhealthy life style. Do you know how acne occurs? What are the cause and home remedies to cure it? Let’s have a brief look about acne!

What is Acne skin disease?

can be defined as an inflammatory skin disease which results in the formation of tiny spots on the face, chest, back and arms. The sebaceous glands produce oil known as sebum. Acne develops due to the blockage of these pores resulting in trapping oil and dead skin cell. Situation get worse when a bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) living on the sebum interfere with this causing swelling around the pore and get developed into acne. Acne leaves scar once it has been treated and these are known as acne scars. There are two types of acne scars which are pitted scars and pigmented scars.
The exact cause behind the acne is not yet known. There are several factors which contribute in the formation of acne. These factors include heredity, oily skin and hair, hormonal changes, stress, side effects of the drugs and also nutritional deficiency. The treatment of acne includes both home remedies and chemical medicines too. The home remedies for acne includes use of grounded orange peel, paste of almonds and so on.

Treatment of Acne

The acne treatment also includes topical creams like tretinoin gel, adapalene gel, azelaic acid cream etc. There are also oral antibiotic available for the treatment of acne. These are the acne remedies which give relief from the embracement of carrying acne.

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